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Educational Wooden Toys

 educational wooden toys
We love educational wooden toys. Whether the toys are natural or painted wood, we know children enjoy feeling the textures, density, form, and weight. Using wood for educational toys gives the children a positive sense and appreciation for the natural world and the beauty within it.

Educational Wooden Toys For Your Child To Enjoy

Using educational wooden toys are great for children. Educational wooden toys will enhance your childs hand dexterity and shape recognition. Using educational wooden toys provides amazing open ended adventures that your child will create. With wooden blocks your child will construct any place imagined. Building and construction educational wooden toys will open your child’s mind to unlimited possibilities.

Educational Wooden Toys Enhance Your Child’s Playtime

Enhance your child’s playtime with educational wooden toys. Our educational wooden toys will give your children years of playtime and enjoyment.

Educational Toys
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Gift Wrapping Gift Wrapping
We will individually gift wrap each of your items complete with ribbon and bows. Please add 1 Gift Wrap for each item you want wrapped. 
 $3.95 $2.96  Buy Now 
Build your own Wooden Birdhouse Build your own Wooden Birdhouse
Children will enjoy building a house for our feathered friends. The Build Your Own Wooden Bird House is an excellent activity that increases awareness for our fellow earthlings. 
 $11.98 $8.99  Buy Now 
Drumming Bear Push Toy Drumming Bear Push Toy
Our fabulous wooden push and pull Drumming Bear toy is classically styled, yet uniquely designed with entertaining movement and sound to promote agility, balance and exercise and help advance gross motor skills and cognitive development with every step! 
 $24.98 $18.74  Buy Now 
Fantasy Blocks Fantasy Blocks
The Fantasy Block set is not your normal building block set. These beautiful wooden blocks have unique architectural structures and color patterns that will expand and enhance any child's creativity. 
 $36.98 $27.74  Buy Now 
Fold & Go Doll House Fold & Go Doll House
The Fold & Go Doll House will enhance your children's role playing of their daily life and boost their imagination. 
 $59.95 $44.96  Buy Now 
Folding Medieval Castle Folding Medieval Castle
The Folding Medieval Castle is a beautiful wooden castle that would amuse any young Medieval lover. This castle will open the doors of discovery for the romance of this time period. 
 $99.98 $74.99  Buy Now 
Furnished Dollhouse Furnished Dollhouse
The Furnished Doll house is a beautiful natural wood doll house that comes fully furnished and opens the opportunity for quiet- imaginative play. 
 $99.98 $74.99  Buy Now 
Joey Magnetic Dress-Up Joey Magnetic Dress-Up
Joey Magnetic Dress-Up Playset gives a new meaning to paper dolls for BOYS. Any child who loves to play dress-up will enjoy assembling clothes on Joey. EXCELLENT Gift Idea at an EXCELLENT VALUE! 
 $9.98 $7.49  Buy Now 
Lokmock Lokmock
This little wooden train comes with a rattle car, a cylinder sorting car, a passenger car and an engine with a surprise squeaker and mirror. The cars are coupled by magnets. Ages 1+. 
 $33.98 $25.49  Buy Now 
Magnetic Animals in a Box Magnetic Animals in a Box
The Magnetic Animals in a Box are attractive wooden animal magnetics that provide many learning possibilities. 
 $11.95 $8.96  Buy Now 
Magnetic Numbers Magnetic Numbers
These wooden magnetic numbers are prefect for learning to count with the number symbol and perform mathematic operations such as adding, subtracting, multiplication, and division. 
 $9.95 $7.46  Buy Now 
Magnetic Wooden Letters Magnetic Wooden Letters
The Wooden Magnetic Letters will improve letter recognition, spelling, and reading. 
 $9.95 $7.46  Buy Now 
My very first games - Shapes & Colors My very first games - Shapes & Colors
My Very First Games - Shapes & Colors aids in the development of learning to understand rules, fine motor skills, recognizing and naming colors and symbols, and free play. For 1-3 children. 
 $25.95 $19.46  Buy Now 
Pattern Blocks & Boards Pattern Blocks & Boards
Keeps children engaged for hours in rewarding play! Features 10 simply designed colorful patterns, and over 100 pattern blocks in 6 different shapes and colors to replicate the pattern shown. 
 $15.95 $11.96  Buy Now 
Pound and Roll Tower Pound and Roll Tower
The Pound and Roll Tower encourages eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, and focus of attention by giving the child a target to hit and hit until it falls through the hole and gradually slides down and out of the tower. 
 $19.98 $14.99  Buy Now 
Primary Lacing Beads Primary Lacing Beads
30 wooden beads with oversized holes teach children hand-eye coordination and color recognition. 
 $10.98 $8.24  Buy Now 
Race Car Race Car
Decorate-Your-Own Wooden Race Car is a perfect quiet time activity. Any race car enthusiast will enjoy decorating their own race car! 
 $11.95 $8.96  Buy Now 
Royal Family Wooden Doll Set Royal Family Wooden Doll Set
The Melissa & Doug Royal Family Wooden Doll Set includes six dolls to keep your little one busy. 
 $19.95 $14.96  Buy Now 
See and Spell See and Spell
The See & Spell wooden toy is an excellent tool for learning to read and write and introducing letters/sounds that make up words. 
 $19.98 $14.99  Buy Now 
Shake'n Match Shape Sorter Shake'n Match Shape Sorter
The Shake'n Match Shape Sorter gives children the opportunity to feel solid shapes and discover where and how they fit into their appropriate space. 
 $19.99 $14.99  Buy Now 
Slice and Bake Cookie Set Slice and Bake Cookie Set
The Slice and Bake Wooden Cookie Set features 12 cookies, 18 colorful toppings, a knife, spatula, kitchen mitt and cookie sheet. 
 $19.95 $14.96  Buy Now 
Tabletop Puppet Theater Tabletop Puppet Theater
Majestically styled, portable theater features a non-tip design, red velvet curtains and a removable canvas backdrop. 
 $39.98 $29.99  Buy Now 
Tiny Town Tiny Town
Tiny Town is a wooden building set that has a beautiful mixture of colors, circles, cubes, triangles and semi-circles, elements for combining, inserting and constructing. 
 $36.98 $27.74  Buy Now 
Unit Blocks on Wheels Unit Blocks on Wheels
The Unit Blocks on Wheels features 36 smooth-sanded, solid-wood blocks for unlimited building, which store neatly in a sturdy pull-along cart! 
 $15.98 $11.99  Buy Now 
Wood Hopping Frog Pull Toy Wood Hopping Frog Pull Toy
The Hoppy Frog Pull Toy is a wonderful wooden toy for the beginner walker in your life. This fascinating pull toy will advance gross motor skills and cognitive development with every step! 
 $19.98 $14.99  Buy Now 
Wooden Abacus Wooden Abacus
This brightly colored wooden abacus is a great first "calculator" for kids to learn counting, patterns, colors and more! 
 $10.98 $8.24  Buy Now 
Wooden Shape Sorting Clock Wooden Shape Sorting Clock
Time to "Block around the clock!" Combines shape sorting and learning to tell time,it's two toys in one! 
 $10.98 $8.24  Buy Now 
Magnetic Dinosaurs in a Box Magnetic Dinosaurs in a Box
Magnetic Dinosaurs in a Box 
 $11.95 $8.96  Buy Now 
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